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Beijing V-Young Tech. Development Co. Ltd is a focus on power supply products and its key components, such as transformer and inductor components form a complete set of design, production, manufacture and service of high-tech enterprises. Company is located in the zhongguancun science park.

In today's changing customer demand, power supply technology development, shorter product life cycle and competition environment, we have deeply realized the importance of research and development in a competitive advantage, research and development is the investment for the future. Company invests a lot of money for research and development, has the strong ability of research and development, improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The company is equipped with domestic industry more advanced production and testing equipment, the company has passed the ISO9001 quantity system attestation, CE international certification, UL certification. Formed a relatively complete quality management system.

Company products are widely used in telecommunications, electric locomotive, medical equipment, railway, electricity, instrument, network, industrial control, lighting, plant lighting, and other fields. In addition we also can design customized product for the user.